"Save Nature 
                          Save Forest
                                                   Save World"

Trekking @ SSK

Cultural Activites



Our members are interested in vast variety of subjects.  This a guided tour to this subjects.  They are classified as hobbies, studies, voluntarism, social work and Hobbies


                 1.      Ham Radio

Ham radio is a unique licensed hobby in which licensed group of people communicating each other through wireless equipments.  They are assisting SSK in the event of trekking and in natural calamities.  In a way to supply communication backup in an extremely bad condition.  Are you interested read more?

2.      Kerala festivals and poorams

A group of people are interested in attending different type of festivals and poorams (Pooram is a traditional festival) Kerala is rich in tradition and festivals.  Are you interested read more?

 3.      Photography

A group of amateur photographers are interested in shooting different type of photographs with different mode of technologies and skills. Are you interested read more?

4.      Stamp collection

A group of enthusiastic is interested in stamps and they are interested in collecting in notes and coins also.  Are you interested read more?

5.      Electronics ,computer and mobile

Now here a group of technocrats interested in electronic hobbies computer hardware and software related hobbies and they are interested in latest mobile technologies also.  Are you interested read more?


1.      Bird watch

These people are followers of our great SalimAli.  Bird watching is a hobby at same time it is a serious study about nature also.  Are you interested read more?

2.      Folklore

India is rich in our folklore also.  Yes we are studying our age old tradition and folklores.  Are you interested read more?

 3.      Medicinal plants

Herbal plants are now gaining interest in its medicinal value.  These plants have no side effects and cure almost all the diseases and ailments.  Some of our members collecting and preserving these plants for the future.  Are you interested read more?


1.      Blood donation

We have a group of people ready to donate blood in causality.  They are giving this service for the society and it is totally free. Are you interested read more?

2.      Disaster management group

Our member’s expertise in handling extremely bad situation is unique.  We are equipped with communication systems trained to handle disaster rescue and relief operations.  Besides this our hobby is also adventurous.  Are you interested read more?

3.      Green commandos

Green commandos are the forest lovers.  They are working for the protection of the forest.  They render their service for the protection of forests in a way to make fire lines, guarding the plant and animals of forest, taking surveys ……….etc.  Are you interested read more?

Social work

1.      Nature protection

   These groups are working for the nature protection but their area of interest in public awareness of nature protection.  They are conduction seminars shows and displays. Are you interested read more?

2.      Helping tribes

Tribes are living in an extremely dangerous lifestyle.  Poverty, communicable diseases and they are cheated by others. They are illiterate too. Are you interested to help them read more?

3.      Against plastic

Plastic is the modern threat to the new world.  It destroys our entire natural balance, ozone, cause of global warming and many more.  Are you interested read more?