"Save Nature 
                          Save Forest
                                                   Save World"

Check List  

Check List  - (Before Departure from your home)









1. Dress for traveling (consider days of travel)

2. Plates (for food serving and carrying inside forest Single one for both is Good)

3. Tourch (In case we travel in Night times candle and math box also you can keep)

4. Knife ( If you have Knife with proper cover protected then only you carrey it)

5. Bags ( Good ones  man back types)


Camp Rules

 Works Going on only expect errors

Camp Rules are the Rules of our organization and some are Strict and other is for the benefit of you and other camp members. Please Try to Understand it. We are conducting an Adventures journey. It is our responsibility to reduce the risk of human injuries (up to and extent only).

Camp Rules

1.  All instructions of camp leader are unquestionable and strictly followed.

2. Route, Time, Schedule may change without notice.

3. We have no responsibility  in case we stop camp in the middle.





Don't take heavy bags



1. Get informed about Route and handle emergency (ask camp leader) 

2. Emergency food pack (snacks)


Forest Rules


We are strictly following all the forest Rules because we protect nature.